LightMagique is a 3D real-time multiplayer videogame using Java/OpenGL and UDP.

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Hello World! About this blog.

I’m a passionate French developer, mostly doing desktop development in C/C++/Rust/Java/…, and sometimes developing video games! I am also quite passionate about understanding the whole abstraction stack of the technologies I am using (regarding network, programming, …), and writing efficient code, both semantically and speed-wise.

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Other projects


Miko is a WIP 2D top-down multiplayer videogame project in Java (client) & Go (server)


JavaUI is a lightweight UI library using OpenGL & OpenAL bindings to draw and play images, text, and sounds


JavaSkype is the first modern Skype (MSNP24) library, to send and receive Skype messages programatically


JavaMP3 is the first modern pure Java MP3 decoding library, to decode and play back MP3 audio files